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About Okotanpe



He is a master of contact juggling with a crystal ball.

He  is a registered performer with Cirque du Soleil.

He is a magical and mysterious entertainer with his zero-gravity performance style of manipulating a crystal ball.

There are also visually magical performance using spatial fixation, Comical performance using daily necessities, and Powerful fire shows.

A very mysterious and warm show attracts a large audience of both adults and children.

*Contact juggling is a type of juggling performed with a ball in contact with your body.
It's a wonderful juggling that the crystal ball moves and floats as if it were alive.



You can download the profile picture (PDF file) above. Please use it for advertising.


In 2000, while traveling, he met juggling and learned a lot of techniques by himself.


In 2006, he received the Judge's Special Award at JJF (JAPAN JUGGLING FESTIVAL).


In 2007, obtained Tokyo Heaven Artist License.


From 2011 to 2013, he worked in France as a member of the Graphic Manipulation Team [Piryokopi].

In 2012, registered as a performer with Cirque du Soleil.

In 2012, performed as a guest at Child's play Juggling Festival (Singapore).


In 2014, performed as a guest at RJC (Russia Juggling Convention).


In 2015, he appeared in the NHK [Kohaku Uta Gassen] as a Poi Lab.


In 2017, he performed at an event in China (Beijing and Guangzhou)..


In 2019, performed as a guest at TMA (Taiwan International Magic Convention).


He also collaborates with various genre artists.

He has also appeared on domestic television, Korean BBS, National Geographic(USA), etc.

On YouTube, his performance videos have been viewed 5.5 million times.

[History]   * The above is an example. It also includes team appearances.


United States "National Geographic"

Korea `` Star King ''

NHK "Kohaku Uta Gassen" "Shakin" "R's Law"

Nippon Television "Burari stop", "ZIP!", "Hamaru! Video Heaven"

TBS "Knowledge!" "Hiruobi"

Fuji TV "Awakening TV" "Performance Sales Department"

TV Asahi "Music Station"


【Overseas / Convention】

France "Rencontre des Jonglages Festival"

France "Mamagabe Juggling Festival"

Germany "Pueno Science Museum"

Germany "EJC (Europe Juggling Convention)"

Singapore "Child's play PAssion Juggling Festival"

Russia "RJC (Russia Juggling Convention)"

China "Magic seeds presents Juggling tour"

South Korea "Chunchon Mime Festival"

South Korea “Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics”

Korea "Asian Friendship Festival"

Taiwan “TMA Taiwan International Magic Convention”

Japan "Japan Juggling Festival"

Japan "Japan Fire Festival"


【Street performance event】

"Osu Daido Town Festival (Nagoya)"

"Solamachi street performance (Tokyo)"

"Kameido street performance (Tokyo)"

"Minato Shimizu and street performance (Shizuoka)"

"Sapporo Performance Party (Hokkaido)"


【CM commercial】

" Puzzle "



"Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch"



"Vivienne Westwood (Aoyama store)"

"IT HYSAN ONE (Hong Kong store)"

"TED BAKER (Omotesando store)"


【Music co-star】


"Wednesday Campanella"



"US Rice CLUB"

"Muramura Satoko" and others


【Music festival】

"Fuji Rock Festival"

"Summer Sonic"

"Count Down Japan"

"Sunset Live"


"Re: birth" and others


【Sporting event】

"World Parachuting Championships (Dubai)"

"Japan SWIM"

"Tochigi Brex (B League)"


【Stage / Performance】

"Marionette (Tokyo)"

"Gajuda (Amami Oshima)"

"Orderless restaurant (Asakusa Toyokan)"

"Ferinas (Shibuya MOJA)"

"Romeo and Juliet (The Sims Ballet)"

"Nutcracker (AYA Ballet Company)"

"Kaleidoscope (Toho Gakuen)"


【Commercial facility】


"Omotesando Hills"


"Ikebukuro Sunshine"

"Yomiuri Land"

"Tokyo German Village"


"Seibu Amusement Park"

"Numazu Fresh Museum"

"Soleil Hill"

"Kronenberg Akagi" and others


【Corporate events, etc.】

"Pernod Ricard"

"Asahi Shimbun"

"Narita Airport"



"Ginza MINI"


"Toyopet Inage"

"Lexus Toyama"



"Star Island"


"Wild Magic"

"Fukui Ski Jam Katsuyama" and others


【Private sector / administration】


"Circo Organico"

"Iron Theater"

"Zombie Camp"

"Hachijo Festival"

"La Rose Devin"

"Sadistic Circus"

"Akagi Senbonzakura Festival"

"Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival"

"Kagoshima Mask Festival"

"Gaiya Symphony"

"Funabashi Children's Center"

"Komoro Children's Festival"

"Light up for Japan Kesennuma"

"Kanazawa Shinoki Guest House"

"Hibiya Garden" and others


【Magic bar】

"A-omoro (Osaka)"

"Fantasy (Fukuoka)"

"The magic store (Okayama)"



"Juggling Shop [Naranja]"

"Chunichi Cultural Center"

"Sankei Living"

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